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How many colours in a sunset?

How many flames are in a fire?

How many of the leaves that fell last autumn still lay on the ground, cushioning my step as I walked today?

How many thank yous in a lifetime?

How many heartbeats in a dream?

How many deep, deep breaths does it take to turn anger and fear into something closer to peace?

How many beans were in that coffee?

How many hugs to fill a day?

How many weeds will I pull this spring to give space to the new shoots, and the flowers that will bloom from them?

How many friends make a heart full?

How many feathers make a wing?

How many minutes did I give to writing today, and what did I give the others to?

How many questions in curiosity?

How much knowing makes you wise?

How many people did I tell today that I love them, because tomorrow is another day and I’ll never know…

how many tomorrows I will have?