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To continue the apparently ongoing ‘self education’ theme of my year so far, I’ve decided it’s high time to expand my knowledge of different poetic forms. Soooooo…introducing:

The Tanka


A very old Japanese poetic form, which I’ve read referred to as the Grandmother of the better known Haiku. 31 syllables in total, it was apparently originally written in a single line but is more commonly now known in its five line 5 7 5 7 7 syllables structure.

I’m a ‘learning by doing’ kinda gal, so here’s my first attempt:


We spoke on the phone

Me walking through song filled woods

You in your own home

Hundreds of miles between us

Disappeared in hearts joining


And here’s a second:


I touched the rain drop

Hanging in prickly heather

Impermanent gem

Dissolves on my finger tip

And trickles down my life line


Hmmm…this could get addictive, but tea break is over! Fancy having a go yourselves? Do have a play in the comments below…