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Truth doesn’t come

in a labelled box.

We know not the fulness

of what it contains,

nor are we given


on how to use its power


Truth is a tool

not held in the hands

but found in the heart,

and it must be shared

with love.

(by Harula, 4/2/13)

I was privileged to enjoy a remarkable presentation yesterday by an eighty year old poet, mother and former Steiner School Teacher who lives in our community and had come to share her views on life, death and the Universe with our group.

She shared much I could explore and quote here, but I’d like to focus on a single pearl of wisdom than shone brightest for me. There is a gap, she said, between perception and conception, and therein lies freedom. She identified this as a theme explored in ‘Philosophy of Freedom’ written by Rudolph Steiner.


In my humble understanding I took it to mean that our senses observe the world around us, take it in, and most often we unconsciously allow our thoughts, our brains, to instantly conceptualise our observations and give them meaning. This ‘go to’ concept is usually a default meaning that limits the truth and prevents us from enjoying the freedom of seeing with ‘beginner’s eyes’.

However, there is a tiny gap. We have a choice to give what we perceive a new meaning, one that challenges our default position and allows us to explore the freedom and malleability of there being no one truth. Our presenter spoke of working with bees. The default conception for some on seeing a bee might be – dangerous, run, shoo, go away…kill it! This isn’t ‘wrong’ per se, but is there an alternative? What if we retrained our thinking so that our brain, on seeing a bee, could choose rather to respond with an offering of deep Gratitude. Oh! Here is a creature who makes it possible for the blossoms on my tree to turn into apples, and gives me honey for my morning porridge!


Are there people, situations, animals in your life whom you conceive to be dangerous bees? Could you choose a new thought?

As your senses send sounds, images, tastes, smells and sensations to your brain today, mind the gap! Play with your brain and see if you can give new meaning to your world and therein celebrate freedom.