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This morning art and business had a conversation in me, which went something like this…

Dear Creator me, can you, will you, are you willing to make contact, communicate with, make friends with practical, business-like, suited and booted me?

But you know dear one, I’m a sensitive soul, my inspiration is direct from the divine and I have little understanding of worldly matters.

But that’s not true! Your expression shows great wisdom and understanding of experiences you label worldly. Don’t, please, stop separating yourself from the me that’s here, that’s living here and that needs to eat and pay bills…

Oh sweetheart I hear, no rather I feel, your fear and frustration but neither will draw me closer or invite collaboration. Do you really believe in my strength and power? Ask yourself honestly whether you dare try to create within yourself a meeting between me, your muse and inspiration, and that part of you that’s very clear, competent and capable of functioning in this material world. Is it not true that you fear that bringing these two together will end in me being destroyed, or at the very least weakened?

But won’t it? You exist because you are me, and you’re precious, and I don’t want to lose you or compromise you. If I make you work for me instead of allowing you complete freedom to do your thing, what will happen? And don’t I cheapen you by trying to fit you into the ways in which art is conceived ‘here’? What do ‘they’ know anyway! How can ‘they’ possibly value you as I value you? And, if they can’t, then how can I bear to have ‘them’ put a value, let alone a cold, measurable financial value, on you when your worth and meaning are not of this world?

And there, my hands, my eyes, my words…you trip yourself up. Is that not contradicting your belief that I do understand and express things of worldly value? Then how can I at the same time have a worth and meaning that is not of this world? Do not separate, do not seek to make things so black and white, for you loose much understanding and wisdom in carving up your heart and mind in this way.

But I’m ‘good’ at being with you. I ‘like’ being with you. I don’t like being or working with business me – it’s too cold and unkind and uncaring, it doesn’t feel, it…

You see now don’t you. This isn’t about Art and Business. This is about heart and mind, love and wisdom, feeling and thought, and these are the most magical co-creators. Your mind is powerful, and sometimes it gives you answers your heart doesn’t want to hear. But it is right to hear, it is right to listen. You need both dear one. You will not find joy without heart, and you will not find the truth that eases suffering without mind, and with too much of one or the other you will not find peace. Trust me. I will not fail you. I will not break. Give me your thoughts your fears. Challenge me to meet your material needs and questions, and watch the beauty of heart and mind co-creating.


image credit: pisteuo.wordpress.com