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Grief is a gift that can pave the way to opening the heart to a greater, more global, more tolerant and profound love. Grief is a bridge that invites us to cross into the realm of unity and oneness that we may share our pain and have it held tenderly and lovingly in community.

Grief waters our dreams with it’s tears and helps us to grow our answers to the questions of ‘Why?’ and harvest the fruit of ‘And this is what we can do to make changes, if we so choose, to affirm our love for the earth and humanity that such grief may be a catalyst for positive change.’

Grief is a tool that, if we use it well and mindfully, can carve out new spaces of love, beauty and togetherness, but it’s power wielded clumsily can also destroy and damage. Let us use this tool with the honour and respect it deserves.

Grief does not choose one place or person alone, but can be found and witnessed all around, and invites that we may not forget the grief of others, or compete to be in the most pain, but rather remember a human heart in pain is the same all around the world, whatever the cause.

Grief lives in human hearts and souls and not in material things. We can’t remove or escape grief by controlling the world on the outside. We can only ask for the love to heal it and hear its wisdom, by listening to the love inside ourselves.