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This world is turning into a place

I just don’t like the look of.

Our lives have been turned

into a race

we already know the result of.

What is the pleasure in winning the game

when you know in your heart

that you cheated?

How can a country claim to win a war

when love and life on both sides

are defeated?


No more of this

hate must stop here

no more of this

see through the fear

there will be love

waiting for you

in love and in trust now

let’s make it come true


Humans have been turned

into a race

I’m sometimes ashamed to belong to.

Children can see

the sad future we face

and they want to ask us,

“What can we do?”

Why must religion be a reason for war

when we know that God’s love’s

all embracing?

How can we stand by

and watch people die

when we could solve the problems

they’re facing?


No more of this

Hate must stop here

No more of this

See through the fear

There will be love

Waiting for you

In love and in trust now

Let’s make it come true


You’ve the potential

to end all this pain

just learn to heed what your heart says.

There’s no more to loose now

but there’s all to gain

so please just do what your heart says.

This world of ours will be a paradise,

we just have to make the right choices.

Oh can’t you hear it,

that beautiful sound,

billions of joyful voices!


Love is the way

Let’s make that clear

Love is the way

See through the fear

There will be Peace

For all of you

With love and in trust now

We’ll make it come true