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I’m one who feels gratitude very powerfully, naturally, exuberantly. Sometimes it’s so strong that my need to celebrate, honour, share, spread the blessing and give thanks can’t be contained within walls. The feeling is so big I’m unable to convey it immediately in mere words to human hearts and minds, so, if possible, it’s to the beach I go when I need to celebrate.

I begin my celebration ritual by running, running with the energy I only feel at these moments and that makes me feel like a child with vitality spilling from very pore and smile, with no option of running out of joy’s steam. I run, laughing, and throw my arms wildly in the air, heading straight for the sea.

When I feel the sinking dampness of the wet sand beneath my feet I stop and stare out into the endlessness of the ocean. Then I close my eyes and I sing. I sing at the top of my voice, breathing deeply from the depths of my belly and soul. I sing of love, I sing of thanks, I sing of God, I sing of the Earth, I sing of me – little, unique, flawed, human trying to be…me. Still aware enough not to sink to my knees and get my trousers wet, I bow from within and begin to cry.

It’s too much, I can’t hold this, take some, take it all, share it with the everything, it’s too big for me, I’ll burst, please…take, take.

Slowly I feel the sense of release as nature smiles lovingly on her exuberant child and basks in her joyful gratitude, feeding and thriving on the beauty and power of that love and celebration of life.

And then it starts to come back. Like waves that return again and again, a rush of love and gratitude floods my being, and I send it out again, and it comes back again even bigger than before, and it becomes a fabulous game where the joy and gratitude grow to such ridiculous proportions I can only laugh, long and loud, and keep breathing it in and out through the giggles.

Eventually the waves come and go more gently, and with less frequency, and the calm balance of accepting life’s perfection begins to settle. At last I can open my eyes again, raise my hands to a position of prayer, and speak aloud to the sea…thank you. Then I turn my back and walk away, leaving the bounce in my step to the sand.

I wrote the above this morning during another wonderful meeting of a writing group I hold. The task was to write the name of a place in response to five questions, and then choose one of the five to expand upon for 15 minutes. The questions were:

Where do you go when…

–         you want to be in the company of others?

–         you want to be alone?

–         you want to celebrate?

–         you want to be nurtured?

–         you want to connect with spirit?

 So, where do you go?