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Inside is a world in a seed

Nestled in deep

Sown in the earth of heart and imagination

Patiently waiting for me to

Imbibe the necessary magic to

Reach its essence with a touch of source

And awaken its beauty

To share with the

Impatient world outside which seems

On a mission to rush and force

Not knowing only kindness and tenderness can awaken.

This poem was just written in response to the gift of fellow very inspiring blogger…


…who has blessed me with this award!


So, instead of seven random things about me, I’d like to share seven things that inspire me!

1 – Humour – like that shared yesterday by a friend who offered a presentation on the subject of his inner life and spiritual practices…far from serious, he had us all in fits of giggles!

2 – Beauty – in all her glorious forms.

3 – Honesty – I’ve been blessed to be witness to much open and honest sharing recently, people trusting me with stories of their lives which express the very essence of who they are – deeply moving and inspiring.

4 – Reading the poetry of Rumi and Hafiz – so old and yet so incredibly current – makes me recognise the irrelevance of time when true wisdom is being shared.

5 – Writing poetry on the hoof, spontaneously, in response to an inner or outer ‘request’ – as the poem above.

6 – ‘Coincidence’ – those moments when the Universe plays its beautiful game and you read exactly the poetry medicine you needed, meet exactly the person you had to speak to etc ad ‘inspiringly’ infinitum.

7 – You all! Reading the blogs I follow and the ones I spontaneously drop in on is a source of great inspiration to me…and I look forward to getting back to it when I finish this busy week…so please don’t feel neglected!

And here are some of those inspiring blogs – enjoy!








What inspires you dear friends?