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I think the whole Gratitude, Thanks Giving thing is doing some major rounds like some kind of massive world wide uberTsumani of Love, because yesterday and today have drowned me in such beauty and nourishment (including several followers already for my new blog! Do visit if you have a mo… http://beathaandherboys.wordpress.com/ ) I’m floating on something very precious – and I know this too shall pass, so I’m sharing it with you now…because nothing lasts for ever – and the good stuff wouldn’t mean anything if it did, so I’m grateful for impermanence AND…I’m gonna float for as long as I can:-)

So one thing that sent me into the realms of levitation was a morning of life writing I held today. I don’t want to describe or analyze it here yet because to do so would scare away the magic, but I will share something I myself wrote. This was from an exercise where I asked people to picture in their mind a photo of themselves, one that has stayed in their memory. We stayed, silently, visualizing the photo for two minutes…and then wrote:

It’s not the best photo of me, from an outer attractiveness sense. Neither is it a great photo, in terms of framing or light, but it’s me. I’m on a hot beach in Crete, lying on a sun bed under an umbrella, and reading a book. The word the photo whispers is ‘escape’.

I’ve always read, nightly from a very young age, and when I have the time it’s an indulgence I can relax into for hours at a time. In this photo I’m not looking at the camera because I’m not there. I’m in the world of the book. I rebirth into the world I’m reading about each time I pick up a new novel, and it’s very disorienting sometimes to come back out.

This world hasn’t always satisfied me, still doesn’t sometimes, and as I write this I wonder how, I wonder why…it’s so rich, beautiful, alive. But suffering is also alive, and war is also alive, and unkindness and grief and fear are all also so very, very alive, and sometimes I’ve had enough, I don’t want to be with them, I don’t want to be here…so I read.

And maybe that’s also why I like to write, because I’m so grateful for what all the hundreds (thousands?) of books I must’ve read in my life have given me, and so fascinated by the magic and power authors wield with their pen (or keyboard)…and I want to do that! I want to help someone else who needs some escape to breathe new air in another world for a while.

Where would you like to escape to? I’ll see what I can do:-)