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The blogger who is the reason for this post recently shared that blogging is a bit like stripping – laying yourself bare in a very public space but with words and stories that reveal an essence, the inner you. I tend to agree.

Vanessa of…

has, through her warm, wise, funny and authentic posts become a friend and personal hero and it seems the feeling’s mutual, if that’s not too self congratulatory a thing to say, because she’s been kind enough to nominate me for…

Beauty is a loaded word for me because I love it, celebrate it in the world around me, but have often been disappointed at not being able to be it outwardly, certainly not in the conventional magazine sense. That said, I’ve been told I have a beautiful smile and I think writing has been a gift to me because it allows me to focus on the beauty within and the beauty of what can be imagined.

So, 7 random things about me…well, the above counts as 1 right, so:

2: I’m a terrible drawer but I do draw sometimes…this was in response to a meditation in which I had this image of a well gone dry, the well being other people’s good opinion of me, but these weren’t sustaining me…’Find another well, go deeper…’ was the message.




3: I have some crazy dreams, many of which I remember, but this picture is of one of the most memorable and affirms my love of writing. I was in a cave, deep down in the earth, where there was an underground lake filled with people walking in a spiral holding candles. When I got to the middle I was asked what I wanted the great grandmother to grant me…I asked for a notebook and pen…





4: I want to write for children (aged 8-11ish) and have three longish stories started…one of which is called Artist in my ear and features…introducing fierce, talented, miniature artist…Henri!





5: I quit my ‘day job’ yesterday because being inside more than 8 hours a day in a room filled with over 200 computers is, for me, soul destroying – so now I have to get thinking, and fast, about how I’m gonna make some money.

6: I once owned a pony called Smartie and we had lots of great adventures exploring the countryside around where he was stabled – I had a very fear free childhood and am very grateful that my parents gave me so much space to be and explore.

7: I have, ummm, let me count, I have four pairs of shoes and four pairs of boots to my name…I know ladies, pathetic.

AND…time to share out the beauty…so, here’s a few blogs I’m currently in love with:

http://betweenfearandlove.com this blog gives me a lift and a deep inner dive every time I read.

http://5kidswdisabilities.com – just discovered this one…what a woman! Breaks your heart and makes you laugh all at once.

http://tiffanylovesbooks.wordpress.com/ another recent discovery…addicted to books? This blog’s for youJ

http://forestpathblog.wordpress.com – this man’s regular invitations to connect with and show our love for this beautiful planet on which we all live are reminders I treasure.

http://passionfortruths.wordpress.com I often have to read these posts twice or more, so rich and inspiring.

http://1storyaweek.com the beauty and wisdom of these entertaining and enlightening stories will take your breath away.

http://thebeautifulhumble.wordpress.com the title says it all, heart warming.

I hope you’ll check these blogs out and I’m gonna drop them a line now to let them know I’ve given them a virtual beautiful blogger hug.

Have a great weekend – you’re all BEAUTIFUL!!!