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Written after my morning meditation…

There are many ways of showing your love, but rather than show…Be. Be that loving presence, that light that radiates compassionate care into every hurting and celebrating heart, for all hearts need love, need to receive love, but also need to radiate love, and share it without condition to everyone and everything around them. The heart is like an engine and has more than one job. It needs to collect oxygen from your lungs and bring carbon dioxide to your lungs by keeping the flow of blood coursing through your veins. If it did not, your physical body would die. It also needs to love. Any engine needs an overhaul every now and then. Every heart needs a tender, gentle exploration to see if all is well. Tune in to your heart and feel how it’s doing. Does it need to give more love? Receive more love? Take care of your heart for truly love is life’s greatest and most powerful creative tool and without hearts that keep the love flow coursing through this beautiful universe, something will die. Let’s keep love alive.