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Thank you to Issy…


for making me pass what felt like an important milestone (do check out her blog, anyone who reads and re-reads Roald Dahl is OK by me) and of course thank you to the other 49 – you were of course equally important in getting me here, my heartfelt gratitude to each and everyone.

Thank you to my dear friend Gabriella for a fabulous catch up, cheese cake and inner child afternoon which inspired me to buy a new, very cute and not for the over 5s, pen.


Thank you to Paula, the woman who called a few hours ago to confirm I have a new job and start Monday in a week – wow. Haven’t worn office clothes for a while and I need to dig out those heels or they won’t let me in – business dress only.

Thank you for the beauty of this bright sunny autumn day – a gift from Gaia.

Thank you to my death row pen pal whose fourth letter arrived today and included a poem for me which touched me deeply and that I want to share with you when I have his permission.

Thank you to my mother for this house that we (still quite newly) share – I wouldn’t have a home without you, I’d have a room in someone else’s.

Thank you to my dear friend Almut for more than can be listed here but for today the reminder of a party to celebrate your birthday which I’m so looking forward to.

Thank you for wood and coal and newspaper and the fire they make when I mix them just right.

How many’s that? 8!!!

Ok here’s 9…

Thank you beauty for the inspiration to write a song dedicated to you (see earlier post) and to colour which adds so much to my enjoyment of life and let’s me know where I’m at because colours are brighter to my eye when I’m peaceful and connected.

Thank you Grace (my car, yes I name them) for making adventures and daily errands possible – you’re a star.

Thanks to my brother Greg who just called to let me know he’s had a creative day too and has made a new tune on his computer.

Thanks to …me…for being open to creative inspiration and sharing it because I believe in it and without expectation of others enjoyment, though that’s a welcome bonus of course.

Thank you to Peter, my sweet six year old neighbour who rarely misses the chance to wave at me from his front door when I arrive home and who indirectly gave me permission to buy some very unnecessary and silly chocolate eyeball Halloween treats!

Are you still with me? Where am I…14!!!!

Thank you to the lone Swan and her (his?) common duck minions who entertained Gabriella and I on our walk.

Thank you to the clouds that lift up my gaze with their pink edged beauty and thereby lift more than my eyes.

Thank you to the left over rice and chick pea curry that willingly fed me tonight when I couldn’t be bothered to cook anything fresh.

Thank you dear Frances, the elderly lady I care for, for drawing from me tender softness and patience as a result of her complete reliance on the care of others, of which I am one of a team of 8.

Thank you all those who appreciated the meditation I lead this morning.

Thank you Saritah for your song ‘Gratitude’ which I can listen to and be inspired by as I write this.

Thank you for this deliciously comfortable sofa which holds and supports me as I lean on its arm and type.

Thank you God, spirit, for this day that fills we with hope and joy and the faith that I am on the right track, even when I feel lost and can no longer find the signposts or accurately read the ones I do find.

OK now where are we? Maybe I should just number them…23!

Ok I’m gonna go for another 2 because I don’t want to bore you or detain you for too long. I’ll do another 25 the next time I post…

Soooo 24…Thank you to the trees, for your beauty and majesty as you welcome autumn and for breathing out that I may breath in – I owe my life, this day and every day, to you.

Thank you to the cleaners at Frances’ house who walked in on me singing to myself (I was waiting for Frances to wake up) and made me blush.

Ok, see you soon for the next 25…

Wishing you a weekend you have more than 50 reasons to be grateful for!!!