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If a bridge is about moving, traveling, transitioning from one place or space to another then Joy is a good one. So are laughter, humour and genuine smiles. Tears too can be a bridge, as can touch, silence and sincerity. Friendship is a beautiful bridge, as are community, family, relationship.

I read a beautiful post this morning…


…that celebrated the stories of Winnie The Pooh. The post itself was a bridge to my childhood and memories of magic moments playing pooh sticks (I love the anticipation of waiting for the stick to emerge from the dark, echoey, unseen world of underbridge, and seeing it float out untrapped and uneaten is always cause for celebration) and remembering that game is what has brought me here, contemplating bridges…

Sorry is a bridge, as are stories, songs and poems. Forgiveness is a bridge, as are acceptance, beauty, a hug. However the one that trumps the rest, the biggest, strongest, widest, longest, oldest and best bridge of all is Love.

Will you be my bridge? Will you lead me and dare me, inspire and transport me, offer me choices I never knew I had until you opened the way and gently encouraged, ‘cross’.

I will be your bridge. I will hold you, stretch for you, comfort and wait for you. I will not rush you to the other side, nor resist your wish to bounce, breathe and take in the view. I will not judge you if you choose to go back the way you came, when you get half way and decide you’re not yet ready for what waits on the other side.

No architect or engineer can design or build a bridge stronger that the heart that is open and willing.

Fun is a bridge, time is a bridge and faith, trust and courage are all bridges too – let’s use them. Do not stay where you are if you’d rather be elsewhere. Don’t admire from a distance, look for the bridge that’ll take you there and step onto it knowing its very reason for being is to get you to the other side. A direct line from A to B knowing that A will never go away. That’s the beauty of bridges, they work both ways.

And when you don’t need bridges anymore? When you can travel at the speed of thought knowing no destination is beyond you, nor limited by the challenges of rivers and canyons? Well, that’s when you’ve grown wings and can fly.

But for now, I’ll stick to bridges.


On contemplating pooh sticks on the bouncing Nessie bridge

Stepping onto the bouncing bridge

I contemplated the river so wide

And smiled

How perfect for pooh sticks

Thought I

Though I must be quick

Ole Ness is in such a rush today

I might loose sight of the sticks

Before knowing who’s won

Not that there’s anyone to play with

But me

That bunch of teens who passed me by

Didn’t look like the sort

To join in my childish games

And the woman shouting instructions

Over her mobile phone

Strides on purposefully

Busier than the river!


Then just like it all started

I’ll challenge myself to a game

Smile I

And search for a stick

But all I can find are the lollypop kind

And other miserable litter

I couldn’t bear to throw

Into my friend Ness


And so I sigh and watch her rushing by

Deeply beneath and around me

And accept

That it’s not the perfect bridge for pooh sticks after all

Nor the perfect day either

And the only bounce

Is in the bridge itself

With no tigger around at all.