Just a Good Deeds Post:-)


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A busy week so no themed intro I’m afraid. Sorry this is late – enjoy:-)

Good Deeds Received

My niece sent me a very beautiful and touching text message, thanking me for the letter I wrote her recently, saying she was going to frame it and that it had really cheered her up just when she needed it…her words really touched me.

My friend called me back to check that I understood the bus she’d just given me the time for was taking a different route, to make sure I wasn’t left waiting in the wrong place. And this was after I’d called her much too early on a Saturday morning for bus times I should have had – bless you!

My mother held me the other morning when I got overwhelmed with nerves about teaching on this one month English course that’s just started. I don’t get nervous very often, and I’ve taught it about 14 times before, so I’m not sure what was going on. I was a mess and very jumpy, but being held helped…and it all turned out well, so there was no reason to be worried.

A friend noticed I was nervous when I missed the joke in our usual banter, and made a point of checking in with me later in the day to see if everything was going ok.

Mr colleague gave me half the afternoon off today, which gave me time to walk in the sun and spontaneously bump into and chat to a couple of dear friends, so thank you!

Someone I don’t think I’ve ever met, but who’d read about my fundraising plan for Beatha in Rwanda, called to offer support.

A generous friend saw me as I walked past the cafe she was sitting in and stopped me so that she could give me some money for Beatha.

Good Deeds Done

Overcame my nerves and helped hold a successful welcome session for our new English students.

I later managed to get hold of a couple of electrical adapters for two participants who hadn’t brought one with them, and whose phones were running out of battery. They only said thank you about, what, 20 times!!!

Showed a woman who was looking for a lift a good place to hitch hike from.

Sent more money to Beatha earlier on this week.

Called the airport to chase some luggage which one of my students was missing, as it had been mislaid or delayed by the airline. She was so relieved when I told her it had been found and would be delivered tomorrow. I think she hugged me four times, shrieking with delight and thanking me over and over. All I did was make a phone call:-)

A good deed to myself ended up as a good deed for Mum too. I realised on Tuesday that I needed what I call ‘an away day’ when I go to Inverness (the nearest city, about an hour by bus) alone with my phone off and my computer at home and just walk and wander around and drink coffee and write poems if they come. It’s the nearest place that sells my Mum’s favourite moisturiser, so I bought her some, as well as some travel info on the Orkney islands because she mentioned she’d love to go there.

When I found, when I was cleaning it the night before, that the fridge in the building we are using for the course was badly (like four inches or rock hard ice!) in need of defrosting, I could’ve spent a lot of time and energy tracking down who should be responsible and asked them to do it, and, without saying it expressly, made it clear that I was disappointed. I didn’t. Instead I just gathered some old towels and newspapers and switched it off, coming in early the next day to clean it up.



To be continued…


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image credit: http://www.plantteacher.com/the-road-to-santiago/


I packed a bag

and looked for a map

with a road marked to peace

for I wanted to go

where my pain could not find me


But my walking was slow

for my bag weighed me down

till I took out my tent

which I left by the road with a note

that read, ‘Friend, help yourself’


When weariness came

the earth made my bed

beneath trees

and the stars sang my sleep



Too soon I awoke

to a touch on my hand

and my sleep tender eyes

met the face of my pain

smiling back in relief

‘Now I’ve found you’


So I left the soft space

of now light hidden stars

and bristled with anger

that roared at my pain

‘Leave me be!’


I snatched up my bag

set my feet on the road

and walked on

though my pain’s saddend eyes

bore into my back with their loss




I started this poem not knowing where it was going to take me and I’m still not sure, but I will continue it soon when I have time to listen…

Synchronicity…a Good Deeds post


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DSCF0646Me, Beatha and Mugisha – Rwanda, January 2013

I was in the library recently, focused and intent on writing an important email and planning a fundraising campaign to help my friend in Rwanda. A woman I’ve seen there several times sat at the computer next to me. After a while she began sighing a lot and I looked over. At first she apologised for disturbing me, and I could have left it that, but I decided to ask if everything was OK. It turns out she was in the process of trying to help a family she knows get out of Gaza. Apparently they are currently stuck in Jordan and the visa process is taking a very long time, not to mention costing a huge amount of money. I listened for a while and thanked her genuinely for what she was doing to help this traumatized family. As I was about to leave I wished her well in her quest to help them and shared that, while sitting next to her, I had been writing about my own wish to help a friend in Rwanda. She responded by giving me the name of a local woman who has been involved in charity work in Uganda, close to the border with Rwanda, and urged me to connect with her. We exchanged contact details.

I will follow up on this ‘chance’ meeting, and who knows where it may lead. It was such a great reminder that the world, the universe and all it’s wonderful expressions of life and creativity are surrounding us, wanting to interact and co-create in a magical myriad of ways…if we only take the cue:-)

Good Deeds Received

My Dad sent me a link to a wonderful article about cycling in Rwanda – so positive and inspiring. My heart still shares every other beat with that land, and to see something as simple as a bike empowering girls to not only continue their education, but to take it even further and compete in competitive cycling at international level…phenomenal! Check it out:


Mum bought me a wonderful magazine on her way back from Amsterdam, so beautifully presented and full of inspiring, wise and creative articles. One tracked a woman who had made a commitment to give something away every day for 29 days, and the magic that invoked. She herself was inspired by a book she read about a woman with MS who had been instructed to do just that to support her own healing, and was utterly transformed. Here are links to the book and the magazine:



A dear friend replied so lovingly to a brief text I sent saying she was in my thoughts and apologising for my lack of contact, I was very touched and humbled…I’m so blessed! Oh, incidentally (or not!) she is the very friend who brought my attention to the magazine Mum gave me in the first place, only now it’s in English. My friend had originally found it in dutch.

I was sooooo excited to receive a huge smile and a tug on the leg from the gorgeous son of a friend, who is now 1 year and a couple of months(ish). I hadn’t seen him for about three months, but it seems he recognised me and wanted me to pick him up:-)

Received a very sweet thank you card, along with the gift of a little notebook, from a new colleague who I’ve been supporting this week as she prepares to teach here on the one month English Language course.

I had a very rich conversation with a former student of mine, 2.5 hours disappeared just like that while we drank tea, ate meringues, discussed philosophy and shared deeply in a mixture of English and French, finishing our time with her insisting I really must visit her in Paris as there is so much she would like to show me.

I received several very warm and generous responses to my email inviting support for my Rwandan friend. If you haven’t ‘met’ her yet you can read about her on my other blog.


Good Deeds Done

I sent a carefully written card to my niece, who was disappointed with her ‘A’ Level results. I included with this a lottery scratch card I just happened to have bought that day, something I do very occasionally and never win. This time I won 2 pounds! So I sent her the card and told her that, though the amount of money was minimal, there was a lot of good luck in that card because I never win!

Picked my Mum up from the airport, and had bought a few nice things to drink and eat for her to have in the car, as I knew she probably hadn’t had much on the plane.

Sent some more money to my friend in Rwanda, as she had run out, and is still needing regular hospital treatment for fluid on one of her lungs. I then spent a couple of hours carefully planning, and then writing, an email to friends inviting their continued support and letting them know of some fundraising activities I have planned.

Saw a woman I know waiting in the rain and gave her a lift into town.

There was only one seat left on the community bus and the other woman’s timing was more urgent, so I let her take my place and walked the hour and a half, picking up litter along the way and really enjoying the slow pace as I was in no rush and had the time, so I took it:-)

I’ve been working in my Mum’s take away place over the last two nights, and will soon be on my way for a full day there today, as her business partner is away for the weekend.

Made and gave two good luck/blessing cards to the two women who will be teaching on the English course this month, wishing them much joy and grace over the next four weeks. I added a few little gifts, including a small poetry book each. I myself will start teaching a separate group next Saturday, as the course has become so popular.

OK folks, have a great week:-)

Peace…a Good Deeds post


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breathe tnhThis word peace has been troubling me lately. I’ve tried it out with lots of different verbs; I want peace (that wanting in itself doesn’t feel very peaceful) I’m searching for peace (ok, but do I have a map, and am I aware it doesn’t come wrapped with a label on so I know when I’ve found it?) I am peace (ok, that’s certainly not true right now, I don’t feel it leaking out of my every pore, I don’t notice people noticing how very peaceful I am ) or…peace is. OK, now we’re getting somewhere. Take out the ‘I’ and perhaps we’re getting somewhere closer to the truth.I went for a walk yesterday, in a small wood close to my mother’s home. It wasn’t long before I felt a huge feeling of presence and freedom, of breathing, of being very alive and in awe of the life around me. There was something very simple and nourishing about feeling like I needed nothing in that moment other than to be quiet, to observe, to breathe. It came on so quick I was surprised, not having been aware how long it’d been since I had had that chance to just take the time to rest my palm on the trunk of a tree and watch a tiny spider build a web in the cracks of the bark. My being was so hungry for this empty time it gulped at it voraciously and there were tears in my eyes as I sat on a tree stump to catch my breath. Surrounded by life and death and everything in between, I met wonder again. Wow, where’ve you been wonder –  I missed you:-)And then writer me showed how hungry she was too and images and phrases and thoughts ran at me full tilt making me laugh out loud and dive into my handbag where I had a pencil and a letter from a friend in my purse…yes!…she’d only written on one side. I began to write on the back in tiny writing, eventually turning over and writing in the spaces in between my friend’s loving lines…I used to have this idea that peace was something very quiet, gentle and still…and sure, that might still come into it, but now I’m beginning to get a sense of something else. Peace is something very momentary, and raw, and challenging, and courageous and…it’s a deliberate and conscious choice which has to be made again and again with every step and breath. It’s not a destination, and it’s not an aim, it’s not conditional on dispeace disappearing and it’s not guaranteed pain free…it’s about being so responsive and expansive that, and I can’t find the direct quote, but it’s something like, if life is throwing paint around it only makes a mess if you have walls for that paint to splatter against. If there are no walls, there is nothing for the paint to stick to…

Good Deeds Received

Received a lovely email from my ‘boss’ at the language school I’d been working at, updating me on some of the students and saying I was missed.

My dad cooked a wonderful meal, and my sister and her partner came over to join us. We played darts and backgammon and just generally, laughed, caught up and enjoyed each others company. It was a wonderful evening.

Dad and I went for a walk on the morning of the day I was to leave England. We found a beautiful abundance of blackberries and began to gather. Dad laughed and I asked him why. He replied that he was enjoying how happy I was. Thank you nature, and thank you Dad:-)

Mum picked me up from the station and brought me home to a house she’d filled with delicious things to eat and drink, leaving me to arrive and rest while she went to work.

A colleague and friend sent me an email, the day after I got back, inviting me to hold a creative writing session with a group she leads…what a welcome home:-)

A friend I haven’t heard from in a while sent me a lovely email catching me up on her life.

Was gifted one of those deep, nourishing conversations that affirm life and my place in it, which ended with lots of laugher as we went from profound philosophy to dancing stupidly to the salsa music that was playing in the background.


Good Deeds Done

I took three plastic bags full of stuff to recycle with me when I left where I’d been teaching, as I hadn’t found anywhere nearby to recycle them which I could get to without a car. I passed some of the students on my way out, who gave me some funny looks. It looked like I was traveling with all my rubbish. Truth is, it was merely symbolic I know, that amount wasn’t going to make a big difference, but I had to do it.

Sent a text massage to my niece, wishing her luck with, and later congratulating her on, her ‘A’ Level results.

Drove my mum to the airport and am covering her shifts at the cafe this weekend while she’s away visiting her brother for his 70th birthday.

Carefully chose and lovingly wrote a card for my Uncle, for Mum to take with her.

A man was paying for something and dropped a ten pound note on the floor, which I don’t think he’d noticed. I picked it up and gave it to him, and he smiled.

I held open the door for a mother with two young children, one of whom was crying. I caught his eye and started smiling and pulling silly faces and he immediately stopped crying. I kept this up for several minutes while we were all waiting there in the bank.

Helped two couples who were a little lost find there way to the campsite they were looking for.

OK folks, have a great week:-)

Plastic bag


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heart in treeimage credit: http://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-2441279-stock-footage-a-heart-carved-on-a-tree-trunk.html


I took a walk
through a maternity ward
that incorporated
an open cemetery
strewn with the litter
of past lives
and unconsummated potential

where human hearts
were worn on sleeves
of bark
and my fingers read
the scars of love
to find a pulse
and failed

and a man walked by
with his floppy dog
who dug and sniffed
in the carpet of corpses
and assumed the position

an angry owner’s clap
fails to interrupt
a most natural
and necessary act
cue embarrassed hand
thrust into pocket
in search of a green plastic bag

Doors…a Good Deeds post


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open doorEndings and beginnings are really just two sides of the same door, and although some of the doors are heavier, and bigger and might even require a complex set of keys to open, others are so momentary and effortlessly open as to be almost ephemeral.

What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.


I’ve used Eliot’s quote before but it’s so wise that I find it bears repeating, for it ignites hope in me when I have to face difficult endings and goodbyes, and even acts as a muse it seems…

Warm drops running down

cheeks and windowsills absorbed

by love’s porous heart

I write this as heavy rain falls, and students with red puffy tear stained eyes get into taxis bearing them to the airport, and home. I’ve cleaned my classroom, said goodbye to my colleagues and washed up a few final cups in the staff room. I’ve sincerely ‘carded and chocolated’ the smiling, warm-hearted women who’ve served us in the dining room, and now I’m waiting for my own transport through the door back to beginning…

Good Deeds Received

Was treated to a fabulous evening of music, blue skies and pies by my Dad last Sunday, as he, my brother and I went to an open air folk concert nearby in the Cotswolds – fabulous!

One of my new students referred to be as ‘the best teacher’ when she introduced me to a man working int he shop she was buying souvenirs from during our recent trip to London.

A colleague who’s continuing to teach here for another two weeks said sincerely that I’d be missed, and also laughed at some pretty bad jokes of mine which touched me more than I expected – being intentionally funny isn’t my forte!

Another colleague made a point of finding me in my classroom yesterday to say goodbye, before he left for a weekend in London.

I got a lovely email from a friend who shared that the thank you card I’d sent her just happened to arrive on her birthday, which I’d been totally unaware of – what delicious serendipity:-)

One of my colleagues discovered a patch of ripe blackberries on a run, and brought back several bowls full to share with us at dinner.

Another colleague took a good chunk of time to read and comment on my blog. I really appreciated the genuine interest…and the humourous feedback:-)

Good Deeds Done

Sent a belated thank you card to a friend who had been very supportive in helping my Rwandan friend, Beatha.

Went to wake one of my students who seems to struggle to be on time, to make sure she didn’t miss out o the London trip, which was an early start.

Got up early on my final day of teaching (yesterday) to plunder my creativity to plan for one final lesson of fun. One part I’d planned was for each student to teach the rest of the class a little of their own language (Hungarian, Japanese, Russian, Italian and Arabic). When I arrived back at the classroom after breakfast, having no idea what I was planning, one of the students had begun to write basic words and phrases in Hungarian with an English translation next to it – they’re mind readers!

Bought an ice-cream for a student who had spent all their money on souvenirs in the first ten minutes of a 2 hour free time shopping break.

Bought a couple of bottles of wine and some munchies for a mini thank you and goodbye in the teachers’ kitchen last night.

Sent a text to my sister to make sure we caught up again before I go back up to Scotland. Looking forward to seeing her later today:-)

Sent a birthday text to a friend who’s celebrating by going off on her holiday with the family today – have fun guys!



Service…a Good Deeds post


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Do you have a job or a calling? Do you work or do you serve? I share these questions here because they’re nagging me at the moment. Personally, I don’t have answers yet, but some observations from my own experiences are beginning to crystallize into some kind of new understanding.


One of the first images that came up when I did a quick

google image search on the word ‘working’

One aspect of these questions is ‘space’. I notice that when my being is in what I will call ‘work’ mode I am task oriented, looking for the finish line. My vision is limited, and shrunken to a small picture which shows me what I have to do and I do it. It’s not a responsive or creative mode, but it’s a societal default and therefore familiar, which brings some sense of comfort and security. Generally I know when my work is complete, and there are defined criteria by which I, or indeed others, can judge whether or not I’ve done it well. To me this can feel tight and claustrophobic, epitomized by clock watching.

servingOne of the first images that came up when I did a quick

google image search on the word ‘serving’

When I’m in service mode, something entirely different happens. I’m not task oriented but people oriented. I’m not seeing the finish line, I’m enjoying the current view and taking it in fully, basking in the beauty and complexity of the bigger picture and the depths of experience in everyone and everything around me. There’s a sense of spaciousness and possibility, the boundless and the unknown.

These good deeds posts provide me with a wonderful opportunity to look back on my week and see how much spaciousness I’ve found, and what movement there has been along the work/service scale. I notice that ‘service’ nourishes me in a way that ‘work’ does not AND my life is such that I am still bound by a need to earn money. I know these two, earning money and serving, are not intrinsically mutually exclusive AND there are all kinds of dances to be danced, and balances to be found to find the perfect combination which allows me to contribute my very best. Searching for this mix seems to be the journey of this year…and it’s proving to be quite an adventure!

Good Deeds Received

Last weekend a dear friend from my college days picked me up to spend the day with her and her gorgeous family. We spent a wonderful day in her new house laughing, playing games and drinking cups of tea while we generally caught up. Her eight year old son was kind enough to entertain me with games of cricket, table football and darts…all of which I lost!!! (Ok, the darts was a close one…) It was worth it though to watch him do the most hilarious victory dance…

Yesterday there was a wonderful ‘what goes around comes around’ moment. It was the last lesson for several students, so I asked each person to write their name in the centre of a piece of paper and we all went round writing things we appreciated about each other. I wrote on my student’s paper, ‘thank you for helping me when I forget things’ as she is always on the ball. Less than two hours later is was lunch time and as I walked away I heard someone calling my name. I turned and saw this student pointing at my bag, which I was about to leave behind…

Spoke to a very helpful and friendly customer service agent for our telephone company, and thanks to him very quickly managed to sort out an issue with a recent bill.

Had a fun chat with a teaching colleague over dinner one evening which included us sharing ideas for potential activities with each other. As a result, it only took me an hour to plan the next day’s lesson:-)

Received lots of free chocolate on a trip with the students to Cadbury World – delicious!

Not sure if this counts but I certainly felt very grateful. I got a coach ticket from London to Inverness (that’s a journey of about 12 hours) for 15 pounds! I return to bonnie Scotland in less that two weeks:-)

When I went to pick up my packed lunch for our outing I couldn’t find anything other than ham or tuna (apparently the kids had been complaining because they don’t like cheese or egg mayonnaise)..until I saw a single bag labelled ‘vegetarian’ which they’d made especially for me:-)

Good Deeds Done

I spoke to my Rwandan friend Beatha to check up on her following her recent scan. One lung is already clear, but there is still some fluid on the other. Still, a good start to what I’m sure will be a full recovery:-)

I spent quite a lot of time preparing an evening drama workshop for the students. This included consciously shifting myself into the right energy and attitude, as I wasn’t really in the mood. In the end it went well, better than expected, despite the fact that I had to adapt and change some of the activities when 55 students turned up, instead of the 35 – 40 I had been told to expect!

Picked up litter at various times, in various places over the week.

Washed up a bunch of used coffee mugs that were gathering in our staff room.

Prepared a fun lesson on the five senses involving lots of silly games which the students thanked me for:-)

I managed to help a former student, who is returning to Scotland for a few weeks, to find an alternative English teacher (as I will still be away for most of her visit).

I paid back some money to a friend as soon as my wages were paid.


OK folks, have a great week:-)

At the centre of…a Good Deeds post


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red shoesThere have been elements of chaos and inner storms this week, to add to the wild summer storms, times when I wished I had been wearing Dorothy’s red shoes so I could just click my heels and ask to be taken ‘home’. What I did at those moments is what I’d like to briefly share with you as an intro.

This is a tool I created a while ago, and involves drawing a spiral on a piece of paper, from the outside in (left to right). The idea then is to take two full breaths, in and out, with eyes closed, and write down the word or phrase which comes – then repeat – two full breaths, write the word/phrase into the spiral, beginning at the outside and gradually working your way inwards into the centre. Once you reach the centre take a few meditative moments to pay attention to what you’re finding/feeling there and then free write for five minutes.

sspiralI most recently did this on Friday morning. I actually sat in my classroom an hour before class, postponing printing my materials and setting up my computer, and I breathed and wrote. And what did I get? Stop being a teacher, just be Harula. I’d allowed myself to get to stuck in my role/position as teacher and all that that implies, and it wasn’t helping me connect with some of my teenage students. So that morning, I let that go, I dared to just be me, even if that me might not be cool/interesting/funny/entertaining etc to the students in my class. The lesson turned out to be one of the best of this course, at least from my perspective.

Good Deeds Received

I received a very sweet email form a friend who I haven’t heard from in a while, just letting me know that I remained in her heart.

My mother sent me a parcel full of post that’s been arriving while I’ve been away.

Went on another beautiful long walk with my Dad, returning to a delicious feast he’d prepared earlier.

One of my students stayed to help me clean up the classroom a bit, without even being asked.

A colleague unexpectedly shared that she too writes poems, has been published in fact, and was very enthusiastic about us getting together on Monday so we can share our work with each other. I’m really looking forward to that:-)

Our centre manager here made a point of thanking us for our hard work.

The father of an old school friend, who runs a cafe in town, said hi and hugged me warmly, saying I should come in for a coffee some time.

Good Deeds Done

Gave generously to two brilliant street performers I saw in Covent Garden, London, while we were there taking our students on an excursion.

Sent more of the money donated by friend and family to Beatha, my friend in Rwanda who’s been unwell. She will have another scan tomorrow (Monday) to see if the treatment has been successful in removing all the fluid on her lungs – fingers and everything else crossed…

Picked up litter while I was walking and later reading by the river yesterday on my afternoon off.

Bought treats and prizes for my students to make Saturday morning’s lesson fun.

Made some woven coasters from the brown paper bags we get our packed lunches in to remind myself (and the person I gifted them to…) that there is beauty everywhere, if you only take a little time to ‘dig’ for it:-)

Caught up with some emails this morning before writing this – I seem to have received lots of lovely messages in the last week.

Offered to complete my contract here after 6 weeks instead of 8, as we are not all needed for the last two weeks. This is both a good deed to those who want and need the work of those last two weeks, and a kindness to myself, in acknowledging that this job is much more challenging that I expected, and I’ve given it my best, but I don’t need to push it…


then you nod and smile







Beauty…a Good Deeds post


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I had an afternoon to myself yesterday, and took my under exercised body swimming to help ease and distract my over exercised brain, and then my heart realised I had some space to listen and said, ‘You’re missing beauty’.

I realise how much I have taken for granted the beauty of the environment I live in in Scotland. Here, on a concrete college campus, I am surrounded by cheap plastic furniture and plastic cutlery with which we eat off polystyrene plates; outside is littered with discarded cigarette buts and chewing gum amidst an almost complete lack of greenery…and I realised that all this has been bothering me quite deeply. The invitation it seems is to try to find beauty in the apparently unbeautiful. More on this later, but for now, here’s a list of Good Deeds for this week, followed by some poems I wrote a while ago about beauty and a link to a wonderful TED talk about the value of beauty in creating an environment for a true education that brings out the best in everyone – enjoy:-)


Good Deeds Received

My father cooked me a really delicious meal, and shared with me a letter he’s written nearly 40 years ago to his mother about meeting my mother. It was an incredible read.

Students who were leaving asked me if they could take a photograph with me – it was very sweet.

Had a really good chat with my Mum on the phone – we laughed a lot:-)

Had a super quick response form a colleague who had taken the scissors for a craft project the night before. She brought them directly to my classroom within 15 minutes of my sending a text message and the activity I’d planned wasn’t delayed at all.

Had a very enthusiastic text message from an old school friend I want to catch up with while I’m in the area. We’re going to meet up next week and she offered to pick me up, as I don’t have my own transport here. Can’t wait to see her!

Received genuinely friendly, smiley service from a woman working int he coffee shop I went to yesterday, despite the fact that it was incredibly busy as it had just begun to rain and everyone had decided it was time for a coffee break!

Good Deeds Done

Paid my father back some money I owed him:-)

Sent a birthday card to a dear friend – on time!

Contributed to buying a milkshake for one of our students who’d run out of money.

Spent nearly two hours on my afternoon off tidying, cleaning and re-arranging my classroom which, though not ‘beautiful’ yet, is certainly now more welcoming. I also recycled or collected for re-use, piles and piles of paper… I’m not sure what this job is doing to my long term relationship with trees. I hope they will forgive me…

Made time to have a lovely talk with one student who hadn’t said much and chose the fifteen minute before class began to really open up and get chatty.

Made sure I was on time this morning to wave off and hug those who were leaving.

Decided to investigate ways of recycling the paper bags we give to all students for pack lunches on trips and found a wonderful list of craft ideas. Haven’t made any of these yet – but I will.


And here are three short poems I wrote on the subject of Beauty. Hmm, on re-reading sure, I’ve written better, but these do make some of the points of juggling in my heart and mind right now…

Beauty is…? I ask

silently you look around

then you nod and smile

looking at me directly

I understand and blush


Sure, the eye can see

but it’s only one witness

to life’s true beauty

close your eyes for a moment

bow to the beauty within


Birdsong before dawn

promises beauty hiding

beneath a dark sky

I won’t believe in ugly -

the sun hasn’t risen yet







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